Obtaining your undergraduate Accountancy Degree is not enough

Many people think that after obtaining their Undergraduate Accountancy degree, they are now ‘Accountants’. This is not the  case, one has to register with a body such as ACCA, CPA, or do Articles of Clerkship with organizations such as Ernst & Young and PWC among others. In Zimbabwe, in a research I conducted in 2012, it came to my attention that there were +/-3000 Accountants in Zimbabwe.

I therefore encourage you to continue with the fight after finishing your undergraduate degree, and get certification so that you are fully recognized for what you started.

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Hello Accountants

Zimbabwean Accountants, you are at the right platform. We will be discussing burning issues affecting Zimbabwean Accountants and those of the wider world at large. These and other issues include such maters as enhancing your employment opportunities in this flooded market of labor.

I will be publishing some job advertisements from newspapers. Accounting for real People.

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